Canto 5: The Creative Impetus

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam

SB 5.1: The Activities of Mahārāja Priyavrata

SB 5.2: The Activities of Mahārāja Āgnīdhra

SB 5.3: Ṛṣabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevī, the Wife of King Nābhi

SB 5.4: The Characteristics of Ṛṣabhadeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead

SB 5.5: Lord Ṛṣabhadeva's Teachings to His Sons

SB 5.6: The Activities of Lord Ṛṣabhadeva

SB 5.7: The Activities of King Bharata

SB 5.8: A Description of the Character of Bharata Mahārāja

SB 5.9: The Supreme Character of Jaḍa Bharata

SB 5.10: The Discussion Between Jaḍa Bharata and Mahārāja Rahūgaṇa

SB 5.11: Jaḍa Bharata Instructs King Rahūgaṇa

SB 5.12: Conversation Between Mahārāja Rahūgaṇa and Jaḍa Bharata

SB 5.13: Further Talks Between King Rahūgaṇa and Jaḍa Bharata

SB 5.14: The Material World as the Great Forest of Enjoyment

SB 5.15: The Glories of the Descendants of King Priyavrata

SB 5.16: A Description of Jambūdvīpa

SB 5.17: The Descent of the River Ganges

SB 5.18: The Prayers Offered to the Lord by the Residents of Jambūdvīpa

SB 5.19: A Description of the Island of Jambūdvīpa

SB 5.20: Studying the Structure of the Universe

SB 5.21: The Movements of the Sun

SB 5.22: The Orbits of the Planets

SB 5.23: The Śiśumāra Planetary Systems

SB 5.24: The Subterranean Heavenly Planets

SB 5.25: The Glories of Lord Ananta

SB 5.26: A Description of the Hellish Planets

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