rāga-ātmakam born of desire or lust; BG 14.7
ātmakam consisting of; BG 18.44
sarva-ātmakam one hundred percent; SB 1.3.39
tri-guṇa-ātmakam conditioned by the three modes of nature, or a product of matter; SB 1.7.5
rasa-ātmakam composed of juice; SB 2.5.26-29
ātmakam in the matter of; SB 2.6.33
adhvara-ātmakam worshipable by performances of sacrifice; SB 3.13.35
ātmakam because of His omnipotence; SB 3.14.47
ātmakam generator; SB 3.15.6
yat-ātmakam consisting of which; SB 3.26.9
sat-asat-ātmakam consisting of cause and effect; SB 3.26.10
antaḥ-ātmakam the internal, subtle senses; SB 3.26.14
mahat-ātmakam manifest in the mahat-tattva; SB 3.26.21
ātmakam consisting of; SB 3.31.42
guṇa-traya-ātmakam being an interaction of the three modes of material nature; SB 4.3.11
ātmakam consisting of; SB 4.17.34
pañca-ātmakam five elements; SB 4.22.26
ātmakam under the control; SB 4.29.79
karma-ātmakam absorbed in material activities; SB 5.5.5
vāyu-ātmakam represented by the demigod Vāyu; SB 5.20.27
saṃvatsara-ātmakam consisting of one saṃvatsara; SB 5.20.30
saṃvatsara-ātmakam whose nature is a saṃvatsara; SB 5.21.13
nārāyaṇa-ātmakam consisting of the mercy of Nārāyaṇa; SB 6.8.1-2
nārāyaṇa-ātmakam related to Nārāyaṇa; SB 6.8.35
mat-ātmakam consisting of Myself; SB 6.9.53
puruṣa-ātmakam related to the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 7.15.6
cit-ātmakam is moving due to consciousness (the spirit soul); SB 8.3.2
ubhaya-ātmakam simultaneously dry and moist; SB 8.11.39
guṇa-traya-ātmakam whose body is expanded by the material energy, consisting of three modes (goodness, passion and ignorance); SB 8.20.21
sarva-ātmakam the Supersoul of everyone; SB 9.6.35-36
ātmakam favorable for self-realization; SB 9.6.35-36
ātmakam the Supersoul; SB 9.8.7
vikāra-ātmakam changing from one type of thinking, feeling and willing to another; SB 10.1.42
sarva-ātmakam the Supreme Soul of everyone; SB 10.2.18
satya-ātmakam everything pertaining to the Lord is truth (sac-cid-ānanda: His body is truth, His knowledge is truth, and His pleasure is truth); SB 10.2.26
tri-guṇa-ātmakam made of three modes of energy (sattva-rajas-tamo-guṇa); SB 10.3.14
vismṛta-ātmakam making one forget even one's own self; SB 10.14.44
yat-ātmakam founded upon whom; SB 10.74.20-21
sat-asat-ātmakam consisting of both gross and subtle objects; SB 11.2.22
ātmakam consisting of; SB 11.3.8
mat-ātmakam pervaded by Me; SB 11.7.12
mat-ātmakam who is not different from Me; SB 11.10.5
yat-ātmakam in what specific form; SB 11.14.31
nārāyaṇa-ātmakam as the Supreme Personality, Lord Nārāyaṇa; SB 11.27.42
eka-ātmakam based on one reality; SB 11.28.1
brahma-ātmakam based on the Absolute Truth; SB 11.29.18
pañca-tattva-ātmakam comprehending the five transcendental subject matters; CC Adi 1.14
pañca-tattva-ātmakam comprehending the five transcendental subject matters; CC Adi 7.6
bhūta-indriya-ātmakam the original cause of the senses and the living beings; CC Madhya 25.36
eka-ātmakam as one; CC Antya 8.78
ātmakam enshrining; Bs 5.16
ātmakam consisting of; NBS 66